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Beautifully Hopelessly Tragically

Beautifully Hopelessly Tragically

I am: Beautifully broken. Hopelessly haunted. Tragically typical.

*Duck owner and lover*


Every day pop stars and actresses waste thousands of dollars trying to look like glamorous idiots. No need for spending wads of cash to get the pop star look though, the same effect can be achieved with ramen noodles and an old beach towel.  

Liam Martin has been recreating the celeb look on his Instagram (@waverider_) and the result is some truly terrible/awesome cosplay. Observe…

Finish 15 Pieces Of Terribly Awesome Pop Star Cosplay


"Collectively, they were known as…"


when bad things happens to the person you hate


(via orgasm)

The Legend of the African Grey Parrot →


A traditional Yoruba Tribe legend of the African Grey

“In many west and west central African cultures, the African grey parrot is considered sacred…”

According to a legend from the ancestral culture of the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria, the Republic of Benin, the Republic of Togo and…


Aaaaaaaaaah this little guy came in the other day! HE’S SO CUTE!

He’s a little Congo African grey. I’ve never hand-fed one before so I was happy to have the experience! He’s not a fussy eater at all, too. Which is cool. (please excuse the formula on his beak/feathers, he was cleaned up after the photo). He’s about 8 weeks old.

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